Soon after her arrival she realised she had forgotten to store (by writing) the dreams she had dreamt during her vacation. Nevertheless she was not sure if she had had them or not. The next night in her dream she found herself wandering around a library, lit by incadecent light bulbs. The environment was obscure and quite dusty although her pleasure to be in such a space exceeded any ill thoughts. She felt really akward about herself when, having had a long walk among the corridors, she realised that she had not noticed that the shelves where empty of books. She tried not to analize her lack of concentration. She felt thirsty and asked an inactive cleaning lady where the cooler was. Apparently there wasn't any so she left to go to the supermarket.    



Architecture revisited.


D #2

the next day she went to the opening of a painting exhibition. she noticed that the artist had a strange look in his eyes, as if he was blind. the same night she dreamt she was with him. there was something strange on his face. with a closer look she found out that his eyes, his mouth, his nose, his whole skin and face, had been painted on a canvas that was stretched around his head, stitched to the back. she wondered how he could breathe through these two little painted black dots that were supposed to be nostrils. he had come very close to her face. she did not feel comfortable with that. she thought that he must have had many problems to have done that to himself, but with a look around she realized she was the only one without a canvas face in the room. at that point, she started worrying about problems of her own.


D #1

the first night she dreamt she was sitting on a pavement with a group of friends. they were eating a delicious food of mud, watching some black people that were working in a factory across the street, making anaglyph, mud, Parthenon plaques. after a while the workers started stretching the mud plaques on their faces, using them as masks and started staring at her. they seemed critical. she felt awkward and couldn’t understand how she had allowed herself to be found in that state.



the metaphysics of destruction/the destruction of metaphysics/the destructive metaphysics/the metaphysical destruction

Here, you can have a rest for a while.

strange fruit

today of tomorrow



Skin performs the following functions:

1.Protection: an anatomical barrier from pathogens and damage between the internal and external environment in bodily defense.
3.Heat regulation.
4.Control of evaporation.
5.Aesthetics and communication.
6.Storage and synthesis.
9.Water resistance.